About us

1 763 patients were treated at the inpatient department of our Clinic in 2015, including 402 at the Department of Patients Without Medical Insurance

The patients who experience severe illness or injury can be left with permanent damages and total recovery may not always be possible. In this case the patient needs nursing care, which stabilizes his/hers condition to alleviate discomfort and help in finding best way to cope with new life standard.

Long-Term Nursing Clinic at Järve unitEast-Tallinn Central Hospital Long-Term Nursing Clinic, together with patient, relatives and National Social Welfare system, is working to achieve those aims. East-Tallinn Central Hospital is a lifecycle hospital - here a human is born, getting treated during lifetime and getting all the needed care before the end of elderly days.

Hospital days at Long-Term Nursing Center are fulfilled with various tutored activities like handicraft makings, book readings, drawings, games and other interesting activities. In our facilities you will find competent medical care, caring nurses and interior fit to special needs. We are offering medical care in state-private co-funded system and additional non-state-funded services.

In addition to hospital treatment our nursing service offers geriatric assessment, day care services, home nursing service and hospice service which is designed for people that are moribund. In a critical situation patient or their relatives need spiritual support - our "soul keepers" are helping to cope with difficult times.

Department of Patients Without Medical Insurance is providing help with support of the City of Tallinn to those citizens who are not covered by national or other type health insurance. The Department is providing stationary hospital treatment, ambulatory treatment and consultations by a social worker.

Long-Term Nursing Clinic employs 9 experienced doctors, 59 helpful nurses and 86 care professionals.