Long-term nursing

Long-term nursing service is suitable for patients who need extended medical care after being checked out from hospital or finishing their at-home-treatment. This service requires a referral letter from a family doctor or a specialist.

Our clinic offers around-a-clock medical service as well some on-spot diagnostic procedures as ECG or blood sugar measurement. For further diagnostic analyses we offer possibility to be referred to other units of East-Tallinn Central Hospital.

The facilities in our hospital are equipped according to geriatric principles – adjustable electric beds, nurse call systems, nursing and exercising equipment.

Additional patient´s recovery supporting rehabilitation services against extra charge are available as well – including exercising, massage, heat treatment and other procedures. 

A 15% cost-sharing has been applied to all patient´s starting from January 1st 2010.

Patients, who are not residents of Harju district and covered with Estonian Health Insurance Fund may receive same service against charge.