Fasting before tests

Some laboratory tests require fasting before blood is drawn in order to allow correct medical interpretation of the results.

How to fast?

  • A fasting-blood test is taken in the morning before eating, drinking or smoking.
  • You are not allowed to eat starting from 10 PM a night before the test. Drinking water is allowed
  • A day before the test you are allowed maximum 1 dose of light alcoholic beverage
  • On the morning your blood is drawn the maximum amount of allowed exercise  is 15 minutes of walking

List of lab test that require fasting

  • Vitamin B12 (fS-B12)
  • C-peptide (fS-C-pept)
  • Folate (fS-Fol)
  • Gastrin (fS-Gastriin)
  • Glucose (fS/fP-Gluc)
  • Calcitonin (fS-CT)
  • Calcium (fS-Ca)
  • Cholesterol (fS-Chol)
  • HDL-cholesterol (fS-HDL-Chol)
  • LDL-cholesterol (fS-LDL-Chol)
  • Triglycerides  (fS-Trigl)