• Center of Neurology

    Center of Neurology

    Epilepsy, memory disorders, movement disorders, headache, neurovascular diseases, Sclerosis Multiplex

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  • Center of Rheumatology

    Center of Rheumatology

    Osteoporosis, arthritis, biological therapy, diagnostics

  • Center of Cardiology

    Center of Cardiology

    Cardiology, heart failure, Life-style counseling, diagnostics

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  • Center of Gastroenterology

    Center of Gastroenterology

    Endoscopy, gastrointestinal diseases, Hepatitis A and B

  • Center of Endocrinology

    Center of Endocrinology

    Diabetes, thyroid diseases, endocrine diseases, medical pedicure and foot treatment, diabetes and pregnancy

  • Occupational Healthcare Center

    Occupational Healthcare Center

    Occupational healthcare services for companies, vaccination, health certificates for motor vehicle drivers

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  • Center of Internal Medicine

    Center of Internal Medicine

    General internal medicine, pulmonology, dermatology, thrombosis, allergies/immunology, oncology, quitting smoking

  • Center of Oncology

    Center of Oncology

    Cancer treatment, chemotherapy, 24-hour duty, Day Care Clinic, Palliative Care

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