Intradermal Flu Vaccine

Our Clinic offers new flu vaccine based on intradermal method. Intradermal flu vaccine IDflu is injected to upper arm with pre-filled micro-needle. Micro-needle is 10-times smaller compared to needle used in standard intramuscular vaccines. During the procedure a short needle (only 1,5 mm) is injected to the upper skin layer.

Researches have proofed higher number of injection-site reactions (e.g. redness and tenderness of the skin) for the ID than the IM vaccine, but less general reactions as headache, nausea or fever.

Intradermal flu vaccine is suitable for all adults starting from 18 years old.

Registration and contracts:

Ph.D. Karin Sarapuu 
Phone number: 6067825
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The European Commission granted a marketing authorisation valid throughout the EU for IDflu on 24 February 2009. Read more from public assessment report.