About us

The Clinic of Medical Rehabilitation was recently established from the previous Rehabilitation Center at the Clinic on Internal Medicine.

The center which is providing modern recovery and rehabilitation service has found recognition for its treatment effectiveness and fresh approach. Our Clinic was established with a mission to develop rehabilitation and binding specialties at the East-Tallinn Central Hospital.

Our goal is to help our patients to return to their daily activities and work-procedures.
Our team includes well-experienced physicians, nurses and other specialists. The Clinic is providing modern treatment methods, equipment and skills – all to help our patients to return to their daily routine.

Our inpatient treatment departments are for recovering from neurologic, cardiac, rheumatologic, orthopedic and other types of injuries. In collaboration with Women´s Clinic we are offering services for expectant mothers and infants.

Our multitalented team includes rehabilitation physician, nurse, physiotherapist, speech therapist, psychologist, social worker, masseuses, care takers.