Department of sports medicine

Young athletes' health study gives an overview on young athletes' health and physical capabilities.

The main goal is to find out contraindications and partial restrictions for working out and to determine health risks.

The young athletes' health study is looking for young people between the ages of 9–19 who participate regularly at a sports club, sports school or school training groups that work out at least 5 hours per week (1 training hour = 60 minutes) in addition to physical education classes at school.

There should be at least 2 weeks between the last acute illness and coming to participate in the study.

 Before coming to participate in the study, we ask you to fill out a sports medicine health study questionnaire and bring it with you. The questionnaire can be accessed HERE.

 More information on young athlete's health studies can be found at

Young athlete's health studies are free, there is no need for a doctor's letter. Before coming, we ask you to not eat for 2–3 hours and take your workout clothes and footwear, shower products and a towel with you. We also ask you to bring your previous health study protocol if you have one.

Young athletes' health studies are conducted at the East-Tallinn Central Hospital's Magdaleena Unit.

For information and registration call 606 7878

The goal of dietary consultations is to offer information on healthy eating.

A dietician can help with weight issues, nutrition complaints and food intolerance. People who do sports actively and others who are interested in healthy eating can also turn to consultants.

Health and nutrition problems are mapped during the first meeting and a further activity plan is made. After collecting data, the dietician evaluates the results of the analysis and gives out nutrition advice. Dieticians’ recommendations are individual, adapted to purpose, flexible, long-term and effectively applicable.

The dietician’s office is equipped with modern tools and offers the possibility of taking different anthropometric measurements.

A dietician’s visit is for a fee and the service is accessible with or without a doctor's letter.

Prices of services:

  • Dietician’s personal nutrition consultation (first visit)40

  • Dietician’s personal nutrition consultation (recurrent visit)35

  • Dietician’s health consultation for a group (companies or another individual agreement with a dietician)304

  • Determining composition (with the SECA mBVA 515 analyser)10

    Dietician nutritional consultations are held at the East-Tallinn Central Hospital's Magdaleena Unit.