Outpatient Rehabilitation Department

Our friendly team consists of certified and experienced physicians, physiotherapist, occupational therapists, nurses, masseures, rehabilitation therapists, rehabiliation assitants speech therapists, psychologists, lymph therapists and a social worker.

The Outpatient Rehabilation Department provides a variety of services like different massages, water procedures, warm treatment, light theraphy, electrotherapy and salt theraphy (halotherapy), mud and paraffin treatments. The relaxing massages and water therapy after a long and tiring work day are good for preventing stress at work and ilnesseses caused by over working.

Before choosing a procedure we advise you to have an appointmet with rehabilitation physician. You can find more information about it here.

Location and contacts

The outpatient services are provided at the Wellness Centre at the Magdaleena unit (Pärnu mnt 104), at the  Ravi unit (Ravi str 18) and at the Järve unit (Energia str 8).

For booking a procedure or treatment please call +372 666 1900.

Anne Mikiašvili
Nurse manager
phone no+372 606 7668