Post-Amputation Rehabilitation Centre

In July 2014, the Post-Amputation Rehabilitation Centre was opened at the Magdalena Unit of the East-Tallinn Central Hospital. The mission of the Centre is to provide patient-friendly and multi-profile rehabilitation in a modern setting.

For the first time in Estonia, we are able to offer amputees a comprehensive rehabilitation service, which includes long-term and thorough post-amputation rehabilitation as well as making prosthetic devices our patient will be wearing from then on and helping them to adjust to using prostheses.

Not only amputees, but all patients in need of rehabilitation are welcome at our modern centre. Rehabilitation services provided at the centre are also indicated for a variety of traumas, endoprostheses and neurological conditions.

Our team includes top medical professionals, such as doctors, nurses, prosthetists, physiotherapists, occupational therapy specialists and rehabilitation assistants.

The Post-Amputation Rehabilitation Centre was founded as a result of long-time cooperation with the Government and the Defence Forces of the Republic of Estonia and the US.


Location and contacts

Post-Amputation Rehabilitation Centre is located at East-Tallinn Central Hospital Magdaleena Unit.

Phone: +372 606 7878, +372 666 1900 (registration and info)

Anti Pigul
Head of Center
+372 5635 3395

Kärolin Kauge
+372 5855 3804