Complex foot scan

A complex foot scan to measure pressure distribution of the feet is the most advanced method for diagnosing foot problems. The duration of a foot scan is 45–60 minutes.

It is recommended to take the scan to determine the underlying cause of foot-related conditions. The results of a foot scan – during the scan, the patient walks on a special-purpose sensor plate – provides more accurate information than visual observation, making it possible to diagnose conditions caused by changes in the foot arch or pathological movement patterns of the foot. The results of a foot scan can be used to make individual orthopaedic insoles to correct pathological pressure distribution patterns revealed during the scan.

During the scan, the patient walks on an electronic sensor plate connected to a computer system. After consulting with the patient and analysing the results of the pressure distribution scan, our rehabilitation specialist prescribes therapy (medication, rehabilitation, etc.), individual orthopaedic insoles and/or footwear and other necessary aids, if needed.

Also, we provide consultations on foot exercises, aids for foot deformities, orthoses and advice on selecting suitable footwear.

We recommend taking the foot scan, if

  • such symptoms as pain and fatigue associated with strained feet and legs are present. The foot scan is indicated for bone deformities, rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory joint diseases, diabetes and especially for diabetic polyneuropathy as well as scoliosis and other postural disorders.
  • The minimum weight of children accepted for a foot scan carried out on a sensor plate is 35 kg; if needed, children with a smaller bodyweight will receive a consultation without taking a foot scan.
  • If the patient is unable to walk without the help of mobility aids, he will receive a consultation and will be counselled as to recommended therapy options.

When you arrive for your appointment

  • Please bring along a pair of closed footwear that you wear on a daily basis as well as orthopaedic insoles that you have been wearing previously or existing foot-related aids, because these provide useful information on your feet.
  • A referral is not required to take a complex foot scan to measure pressure distribution of the feet.

The fee for a foot scan is €35.

Additional information and appointments at +372 666 1900, +372 606 7878.