The goal of physiotherapy is to prevent potential physical damage, maintain joint mobility as well as muscle strength and endurance, and restore and compensate for impaired functions and relieve pain.

Physiotherapy includes assessing the need for physiotherapy and establishing a physiotherapy diagnosis, planning and conducting physiotherapy sessions and assessing the patient’s progress as well as the physiotherapy process. The service includes developing an individual exercise programme, so that the patient can continue to do physiotherapy exercises at home.

All equipment required for conducting comprehensive physiotherapy sessions is available in our physiotherapy rooms: various types of balls, bands, balance boards, dumbbells, a stairway with a ramp for gait training, parallel bars, etc.

Patients are referred for physiotherapy by a rehabilitation specialist.

This service is free of charge upon presenting a doctor’s referral. If you do not have a referral, you can make an appointment for a direct-paid service. The fee for the service is €11 (30 minutes) or €19 (60 minutes).

Additional information and appointments at +372 666 1900, +372 606 7878.