Training apartment

During occupational rehabilitation, occupational therapists can use a special training apartment for conducting therapy sessions.

The training apartment consists of a small kitchen area opening to the living room, a bathroom and a bedroom. The apartment is used to teach and practise skills needed for independent living. Also, our specialists provide counselling on customised aids and teach how to use them.

The goal is to make sure that after the end of the rehabilitation period the patient is able to manage independently with all everyday tasks (moving around, transferring himself, getting dressed and undressed, washing up and other hygiene-related activities, chores and other similar activities), using safe and correct coping practices.

The service is free of charge upon presenting a referral. If you do not have a referral, the fee for the service is €12 (30 minutes) or €21 (60 minutes).

Additional information and appointments at 606 7878.