Honey Massage

Honey has long been known as an effective skin rejuvenator and softener. Honey massage is used to increase the body tone and enhance health. Honey Massage helps to effectively combat metabolic disorders and cellulite, lower weight and clean skin. Honey massage is also indicated for back and cold diseases and inflammation of the joints.

Honey massage movements is somewhat different from those of classical massage. Beginning from the back, the patient’s body is covered with honey. Then, a hot towel and a warm blanket is placed onto a massaged body. The backside of the arms and legs are massaged through the blanket. The procedure is repeated on the front of the arms and legs. Lastly, the abdomen is being massaged.

The first massage procedure may cause some pain, but it's due to a painful area that gives away the problem in the body. If at first it seems that the procedure leaves the whole body sticky, then in reality there is only a little bit of honey that remains in some some areas, which is very easy to remove later with a wet towel.

After the honey massage procedure, lots of water should be consumed. It is not advised shower immediately because the honey inside the skin will be exposed for some time after the massage.



  • honey allergy
  • heart disease
  • malignant tumors
  • acute inflammation
  • traumas
  • inflamed veins

Duration of the massage: up to 1 hour
The massage service includes a fee.