Massage Bed

Massage bed offers almost all the benefits of thermal therapy, water massage and classical massage at the same time. The massage mat is covered by a water mattress. When lying down, a person is not in direct contact with water, so this procedure can also be called dry water massage.

On the massage bed, the patient's body is fully supported, and the recumbent position creates an almost the feeling of weightlessness. It is possible to choose a direct treatment area and certain muscle groups. Massage starts from lower legs and moves up to the upper body.

Continuous evenly distributed flow of warmth all over the skin provides relaxed feeling. The Hydrojet water jets imitate the main movements of classical massage depending on the mode selected (from a gentle smoothing and patting movement to strong conical and spherical rotating water jets). The heat increases the elasticity of the tissues, improves metabolism and blood circulation.  The massage is suitable for relaxing, reducing sports stress or work stress.



  • blood supply disorders
  • decompensated hypertension
  • epilepsy


Duration of the massage: 20 minutes
The massage service includes a fee.