Massage for a specific area of the body

Massage improves blood circulation and metabolism. It normalizes the function of the nervous system and helps to reduce muscle tension. Massage is used to relieve stress, improve and preserve workability.

Massage began as a sacred system of natural healing in India. The Wellness Centre offers classical medical massage that focuses on a certain problematic area like shoulders, back, legs or arms. The procedure takes 30 minutes and after the session, it is important to remain lying for a few minutes to embed the effect. Massage will be provided upon a patient’s request or upon a doctor’s referral.



• acute skin diseases
• heart disease
• bone diseases
• malignant tumors
• acute immune deficiency
• varicose veins
• high blood pressure
• cold and feverish diseases

When you have problems with your health, you should first contact your family doctor or rehabilitation physician rehabilitation physician.

The massage service includes a fee.