About us

  • In 2016 Diagnostic Clinic conducted
    1 876 595 laboratory tests,
  • 374 049 radiological scans and
  • 84 085 pathological examinations.

East-Tallinn Central Hospital Diagnostic Clinic's goal is to ensure necessary diagnostic information for clinical decision making with sufficient quality and delivery time. Our Clinic offers high-quality results due to best technological equipment in Baltic area and professional personnel who is receiving continuous training and experience from high work load. Diagnostic Clinic is also in partnership with several other medical institutions in Estonia.

Our Central Laboratory is using methodology and equipment compliant to modern medical requirements, which is also proven with international 1SO 15189 standard certificate. Central Laboratory services are in constant expansion with more than a million procedures executed yearly.

The Center of Pathology performs post-mortem as well life-time examinations. To understand a complete structure everything from cytological tests to autopsies is included. The Center has big experience and competence in neonatal pathology, gynaecological pathology and in diagnosing thyroid and bone tissue pathologies.

New computer tomograph at the Center of Radiology allows assessing the condition of heart coronary arteries. The staff of Cabinet of Angiography were the first in Estonia to perform a surgery for closing foramen ovale.

Radio isotope researches are performed at the Center of Nuclear Medicine to help to discover tumors, metastasis or infected areas. Radioiodine therapy is used to cure thyroid and other diseases.

Diagnostic Clinic employs 225 people, including 60 doctors and 124 nurses.