Center of Pathology

Our Center has a long-term experience – first pathomorfological study was conducted here as early as 1931.

The Centre has huge experience and competence in neonatal pathology and in diagnosing thyroid and bone tissue pathologies.

We perform post-mortem as well life-time examinations. Our mission is to improve medical science by providing useful information for evaluating the quality of diagnostic and treatment procedures.

East-Tallinn Central Hospital Center of Pathology performs studies on general pathological (gastroentherology, gynecology, urology etc.) and oncological material. Our team includes a child pathologist.

Our work processes include modern equipment and methods, incl. immunohistochemistry.

The facilities include a mourning room and a mortuary, where information about deceased may be received.


There are 7 doctors working in the Center of Pathology.


Location and contacts

The Center of Pathology is situated at East-Tallinn Central Hospital Ravi unit.

Phone: +372 666 1900 (registration and info)

Eero Semjonov
Head of the Center
Phone: +372 620 7275