About us

Year 2016 in Eye Clinic by numbers:

1 458 treated inpatients,

6 899 treated patients at the Day Care Unit,

97 289 visits at Outpatients' Clinic

Eye Clinic has one of the best technical equipment for diagnostic and therapeutic opportunities in whole Baltic region. Our clinic is Eye Cancer Treatment Centre of the Baltic countries - majority of region's oncological patients are receiving treatment in the hands of our professionals.

The doctors working in Eye Clinic are continuously educating themselves in biggest health centers in Europe and afterwards implement new techniques and knowledge with an aim to grow the quality of local therapy. Eye Clinic nurses have been taking the role of patient educator and counselor - so that our doctors could provide better commitment to medical treatment. 


In 2011, the European Society of Ophthalmology recognized the Eye Clinic of the East Tallinn Central Hospital as an internationally accredited ophthalmology Center. As of now, the Eye Clinic has the rights of a teaching clinic, which means that it is entitled to train ophthalmologists from European as well as other countries. 

Eye Clinic employs 24 doctors, 5 residents, 48 nurses and 15 attendants.