Home Care Service

Home Care Service provides you with nursing services at your own home environment. The service includes several nursing procedures adjustued to your individual needs and medical conditions.

Home care service is suitable for patients who require extra care after checking out from hospital, GP center or long-term care facilities, for example:

  • To patients who are suffering from chronic diseases (skin ulcers, bone and joint diseases, cardiovascular diseases or other)
  • To patients who require wound care
  • To disabled patients
  • To patients who are suffering from neurological diseases

East-Tallinn Central Hospital offers home care service inside the city of Tallinn. Estonian Health Insurance Fond covers the costs of the service in case of a referral letter from GP or medical specialist. Medications used during home care service shall be paid by the patient.

Services of a Home Care Nurse

Home care service offers support to patient´s family and intimates who need counseling in nursing activities. Home care is only available if the procedure needed does not require any special equipment.

  • A home care nurse has a special training in the field of providing in-home nursing services.
  • The nurse draws a caring plan according to patient´s needs and diagnosis. The plan gives guidelines for further activities: bandaging, collecting analyzes, administrating medications, measuring blood pressure, bedsores treatment and other.

Nursing service is conducted in close collaboration with patient´s doctor and intimates and local social worker or caregiver if indicated.

Pre-conditions for home care service

  • Patient´s medical condition does not require hospital treatment, but requires nursing services.
  • Patient and his/her family agree to the service and collaboration.
  • Patient`s home offers suitable conditions for undergoing the procedures.
  • Patient and his/her intimates are emotionally supportive towards the service.

A patient and a nurse sign a contract, which gives the nurse rights to perform home care services at patient´s home.

Referral letter

Please fax your referral letter (click HERE for the form) for home care service to our fax number (677 1801) or send to our e-mail address hooldusravi[At]itk.ee. Registration is made on the basis of a referral letter.