Inpatient nursing care

Patients are referred to the nursing care unit by a family doctor or a medical specialist after being checked out from the hospital or after finishing their home treatment, on the basis of a referral letter.

The inpatient nursing care service is for patients who are stable and do not require constant medical attention, but who need nursing care and medical procedures prescribed by a doctor to the extent that exceeds the possibilities of home care.

Inpatient nursing care may be necessary:

  • after a trauma, after suffering from a serious illness or when the symptoms of a chronic disease have worsened,
  • for relieving discomfort caused by a serious illness.

In the nursing care unit, nurses make most of the decisions regarding the procedures and their necessity.

A doctor advises patients in the nursing care unit as needed, but no less than once a week. Nurses can always ask for a doctor's opinion to solve patients' health problems.

Starting from 1 January 2010 patients pay 15% of the per diem fees for their hospital stay (starting from 1 January 2017 the patient's contribution is 9.56 euros per day).

Depending on the patient's health and wishes, we offer further rehabilitation services supporting the overall treatment for a fee, such as physical therapy and massage.

Patients not covered by health insurance are offered inpatient nursing care services for a fee under the same service principles.