• Center of Emergency Medicine

    Center of Emergency Medicine

    Triage of acute illnesses and trauma injuries, Management of critically ill patients, Eye trauma and acute disorders

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  • Ear-Nose-Throat Center

    Ear-Nose-Throat Center

    Medical and surgical treatment of ear, nose and throat disorders, Voice disorders, Audiometrics, Ear implants

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  • Operating Department

    Operating Department

    The department consists of 8 OR-s

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  • Orthopedic Department

    Orthopedic Department

    Center of Spine Surgery, Trauma surgery, Joint replacements/reconstructions, Sarcoma surgery

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  • Center of Urology

    Center of Urology

    Surgery of urinary and male reproductive system disorders, Urologic oncology, Urinary stone disease, Urodynamic investigations, Incontinence and urinary system reconstructions

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  • Center of General and Oncological Surgery

    Center of General and Oncological Surgery

    General Surgery, Surgical oncology (GI, breast, melanoma, etc.), Mini-invasive surgery (incl. bariatric surgery), Endocrine surgery, Vascular surgery, Reconstructive surgery

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  • Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care

    Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care

    Anesthetic procedures all over the hospital, Intensive care unit, Preoperative patient assessment, Pain management center

  • Central Sterilisation

    Central Sterilisation

    Sterilization, cleaning and maintenance of medical equipment