About us

Surgery has been an important treatment modality of the East Tallinn Central Hospital through its long history. In 1887, the first operative room was opened in Priihospidal (The Free Hospital). The Surgery Clinic was established in January 1995 on the basis of departments of the Tallinn Central Hospital with a surgical profile. Today's Surgery Clinic is characterized by long-term experience, well trained and friendly staff, an improved environment and excellent opportunities for treatment combined with evidence-based innovations. Emergency situations require best knowledge of all acute surgical diseases. However, in order to ensure the high quality and safety of treatment, specialization of our surgeons in narrow and more complex areas is essential in situation of rapid development of modern medicine.

Good cooperation and availability of top specialists are the prerequisites for the success of the Surgery Clinic. Interdisciplinary teams for specialized organ-based cancer care and comprehensive treatment of vascular diseases, spinal disorders, and other diseases are organised in our clinic to better serve the patients.