Oncological Surgery

East-Tallinn Central Hospital Center of General and Oncological Surgery diagnoses and treats:

  • gastrointestinal tract tumors
  • skin cancers and melanoma
  • tumors in soft tissues (muscle tissue, adipose tissue, connective tissue)
  • tumors in endocrine system organs (glands)
  • breast cancer

Our surgeons are specialized to operating distinct organ tumors. This method ensures wide experience, continuous training and enables focusing on latest accomplishments worldwide of certain type of tumors.

Effective cooperation with Clinic of Internal Medicine and contemporary Diagnostic Clinic secures quick and thorough treatment for our cancer patients, personalized treatment plan by the Oncological Council and prompt action by oncological surgery experts. 

Surgical methods combined with chemo-therapy are used when treating gastrointestinal and gynecological tumors in collaboration with Women´s Clinic and Clinic of Internal Medicine. 

The Nuclear Medicine Center at Diagnostic Clinic offers great possibility for early discovery of breast cancer and melanoma with the help of Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy; radiation therapy combined with oncological surgery is used when treating thyroid cancer.

Emergency cancer patients are submitted to our Center through Department of Emergency Medicine and will be offered prompt diagnostic and treatment measures (including operations), if needed.

In case of a suspicion of a benign tumor, please contact your family doctor for a referral letter. You will be appointed to our specialist in no longer than 2 weeks waiting time. Please mention your medical condition or the worries to the personnel when making an appointment.  

For info please call +372 666 1900