Vascular surgery

  • 3 928 patient`s visits were performed in 2016

Vascular surgery is a method to diagnose and treat the conditions of arteries and veins.

Vascular surgery is used for diagnosing and treating pathologies in main arteries as well in peripheral venous system. Traditional surgical methods or endovascular minimally invasive methods (angioplasty, stenting) or a combination of both of them are used when treating disorders of abdominal aorta, lower and upper limb arteries and carotid artery.

The research equipment used for diagnostic purposes matches the standards of  other Vascular Surgery Centers in Europe. The big variety enables us to find best solution for those, who are the most important - our patients.

As vascular surgery patients generally suffer from other related conditions, the treatment process becomes a joint project with other medical specialists at East-Tallinn Central Hospital and other treatment facilities in Estonia. Our aim is to find clear treatment plan for our patients – to find out what can be done by you and what can we offer.

In case of emergency situation (ischaemic rest pain, gangraena symptoms) please turn to Department of Emergency Medicine where you will find a vascular surgeon on duty.

Veronika Palmiste-Kallion M.D.
Cardiovascular surgeon


Vascular surgery