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East-Tallinn Central Hospital Center for Infertility Treatment was established as a separate unit in October, 2008 but our work here started already back in 1996.

East-Tallinn Central Hospital Center of Infertility Treatment is focused on finding solutions for couples and single women suffering with infertility problems. We are using the most contemporary fertility treatment methods based on our wide knowledge, great skills and state-of-art technology.

If suspecting infertility or in a need of a treatment, as a first step you should turn in for a fertility specialists consultation. In case of a positive diagnose you will be referred to an appointment of an infertility-specialized midwife for collecting your medical history and undergoing some analysis.

For determining the cause of infertility we will perform tests on both, the man and the woman. After clearifying the cause, the treatment can start. Our midwives will guide you through tests, procedures, treatment methods and related legal documents to makes sure you feel comfortable and conscious.

The productivity of our work is growing year-by-year - 220 pregnancies were gained as a result of our efforts in 2015.


Infertility is a situation where a couple has been incapable to conceive after trying at least for a year. Infertility is a big social and emotional problem not only for the couple, but to an entire community. Different researches show that the percentage of infertile couples reach as high as 15 or 20, in other words every 5th or 6th family living in Estonia has been effected by infertility problem.Fertility Center

Location and Contacts

Center for Infertility Treatment is located at East-Tallinn Central Hospital Tõnismäe unit.

For info and registration: call +372 666 1900.

Tiina Loog
Head of the Center
Phone +372 620 7181

Ruth Essi
Head Midwife of the Center
phone +372 620 7302

Siiri Uusen
phone +372 606 7591, +372 5309 1286 (M-Fr 08.00-16.00)

+372 5919 8395 (M-Fr 08.00-15.00)