Labor and Delivery

East-Tallinn Central Hospital Labor and Delivery Department is dedicated to offering comfort and security during your labor and delivery experience. Our aim is to support the natural process of birth with minimal medical involvement. Here you will find possibilities for water birth and variety of modern methods for labor pain relief. But our medical team of experts is always standing by to assist you and the baby, if situation requires so.

Natural birthing experience means that there will be as little medical involvement to the process as possible. Our experienced midwives will support and guide your through the standard labor and delivery, but team of medical experts (gynecologists and other specialists) are standing by to take over if the situation turns out to be more severe.

Our hospital offers a service of personal midwife, gynecologist or pediatrician. This means that you will be able to choose one support person who will assist you through the labor and birth process from beginning to the end. This service is against charge.

The Labor and Delivery department includes 9 birthing suites and 4 baths aimed for water birth and pain relief. All rooms are equipped with a birthing bed, toilet, shower and birthing mats and laughing gas (nitrous oxide).

If more complicated situation happens to occur, there are intensive care units with best professionals on the field to help you and baby.

East-Tallinn Central Hospital Labor and Delivery Department is one of the most valued birthing hospitals in Estonia. In addition to women who have been with us from the beginning of their pregnancy, all emergency and problematic cases of delivery are forwarded to our facility from other North-Estonian hospitals and private medical facilities. Our department is in close co-operation with the Intensive Care and Newborn Department of Tallinn Children Hospital.

Birthing Unit
Ravi street 18, Tallinn
24 hour hotline +372 6207 159