Midwife's postnatal home visit

After a normal childbirth there is no need to stay at the hospital for long – you can be discharged as early as on the same day. Women, who have been released from the hospital in less than 24 hours after childbirth, can have a midwife visit them at home. Before you leave the hospital, midwives of the obstetrics department decide whether a home visit is necessary or not.

A midwife’s home visit

  • Observation of the postnatal period, check-up, recovery assessment and counselling.
  • Check-up of the newborn, observation and assessment of its general condition, adaptation and development.
  • Postnatal care and instructing the mother.
  • Observation and assessment of the breastfeeding process as well as breastfeeding counselling.
  • In case of deviations or complications, calling for help, organising transport to the hospital and, if necessary, acting according to the situation independently or with other medical professionals.

The service is funded by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund.