Natural birth

If the pregnancy has progressed without problems and you have prepared yourself for the experience, you can deliver your baby in our rooms for natural childbirth. Medical professionals do not intervene in the course of a natural childbirth, but if help is needed, an obstetrician and paediatrician are always there to assist you.

The inborn ability of a woman to give birth is exceptional – a genuine miracle of the nature. By preparing yourself mentally and physically during pregnancy, you help to ensure that the experience will be a positive one for yourself as well as for the baby. If you prefer to have a natural childbirth, principles of a physiological, or natural birth are followed and we will not intervene in the course of the birth.

It is warmly recommended that you think about your expectations for the coming childbirth and together with your support person write them down in the birth plan. The midwife assisting you in the delivery will read and take them into account, being supportive and encouraging.

Our midwives have also studied aromatherapy, homeopathy and reflexology (Piia Heiman, Jaana Lomp and Siiri Ennika). In our rooms for natural childbirth, there are tubs, balls, moving aids and mats available. To relieve pain, various massage and breathing techniques, acupuncture, water and aromatherapy can be used.

If your childbirth was normal and natural, you and your baby can leave the hospital in 6–24 hours. Families, who leave the hospital very soon after childbirth, can have a midwife visit them at home.

If you would like to create a birth plan and follow the principles of natural childbirth when giving birth, we recommend attending our lectures on having an active birth, participating in our group exercise and discussion sessions and obtaining additional information from the midwife observing your pregnancy.