Midwife Irena Bartels

I have worked as a midwife for quite a long time – actually, in two different centuries. All these decades I have been a practising midwife in various fields of midwifery.

I graduated from the Tallinn Health Care College as a midwife and from the Tallinn Pedagogical Seminar as a vocational teacher. I am an assistant-teacher at the Tallinn Health Care College, sharing my expertise, experience and skills with future midwifes.

I stay by the side of expectant mothers from the time they register their pregnancy until 10 lunar months have passed. I share in their joyful moments and thoughts, doing my best and counselling the whole family, if needed. In the department of obstetrics, I work in the delivery room as well as in postnatal care rooms. In the delivery room, I try to follow a rhythm suitable for the mother to help her with the most miraculous event in her life – giving birth.
In postnatal care, I do my best to be understanding when providing new family members with guidance, so that they would be capable of independently caring for the baby and breastfeeding it. Pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period are all natural stages in the evolution of a human being, in which self-confidence plays a major role.


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