Midwife Merilin Kruminš

I have worked at the East Tallinn Central Hospital since 2005. Currently, I am attending a Master’s of Social Sciences study programme at Tallinn University. I have participated in specialised training courses in Estonia as well as abroad. Also, I have given lectures on the subject of childbirth in childbirth education classes and sex education lectures in general education schools.

I work in the counselling centre for mothers and in the department of obstetrics, sharing in the joyful moments and challenging moments of the prenatal and postnatal period as well as providing counsel and advice.

Pregnancy and childbirth are miraculous and unique events in the life of a woman, those feelings and experiences being indelibly imprinted on her mind and soul.   Each woman has the strength to carry a child, give birth to it and bring it up – all she needs to do is to trust her body, senses, choices and people around her.

Looking forward to joyful moments!


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