Midwife Siiri Ennika

I was enticed by the prospect of becoming a midwife even as a very young woman. My dream came true in 2003, when I graduated as a midwife from the Tallinn Medical School. Right after my graduation I started working in the department of obstetrics of the East Tallinn Central Hospital, where I work to this day.

In addition to my job in the department of obstetrics, I participate in childbirth education classes, giving childbirth preparation lectures as well as conducting group exercise and discussion sessions.

I have attended homeopathy and reflexology training courses, specialising in pregnancy and childbirth. If possible, I use these gentle methods in my work.

It is so heart-warming to be constantly touched by the miracle of pregnancy and childbirth. Personally, as a mother of four, I have experienced this miracle on the deepest level for four times. It is a personal experience that has taught me a lot about the nature and soul of childbirth as well as about the fragility and vulnerability of a woman giving birth.

I do love my work and I consider it a privilege to be a midwife. I speak Russian and English.


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