Midwife Ülle Višnevski

My experience as a midwife dates back from the golden age of the 70s to the present day. In my professional development extending over many decades, I have come to the conclusion that I always need to take into account the current preferences of the woman giving birth. Later on, fathers or other support persons were allowed in the delivery room and often they are in need of attention and understanding or sometimes just a conversation partner. I always try to be supporting and kind to the woman giving birth, but if the situation calls for it, I am prepared to take control.

For me, childbirth is a natural process in which a midwife should play the role of a support person, but not one of a decision-maker.

Time and experience shows that while knowledge about pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period are vital, a good plan sometimes requires an emergency exit. I guess there are thousands of babies for whom my warm hands were the first thing they sensed in this world. Many of them give me a warm smile and greeting, walking down the street by their mother's side.

This profession can bring you only happiness. After a long and strenuous birth process, a midwife experiences the greatest satisfaction when looking into the grateful eyes of the mother and father, brimming with tears of joy.


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