Gynecology Department

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2 629 patients were treated and 1 944 operations performed at out Department in 2016.

East-Tallinn Central Hospital Department of Gynecology is specialized on diagnostics and treatment of women´s health conditions. Our doctors are widely competent - we help you with cervical cancer (malignant and benign tumors), infections or prolapse of pelvic organs, infertility, endometrial polyps and endometriosis.

Gynecology department includes 2 well-equipped operating rooms and 18 hospital beds, including 4 intensive care units.

Those treatments and procedures that do not require long hospitalization are executed at the Department of Gynecological Day Surgery.Gynecology Department

Location and Contacts

Gynecology Department is located at the East-Tallinn Central Hospital Ravi unit.

Telephone: +372 666 1900 (registration and info)

Mall Varvas
Head of Department
phone +372 620 7105

Hälis Telling
Head Nurse
phone +372 620 7166

Maarja Raudsepp
phone 620 7497