Internal regulations and patient information


As a patient you have a right to:

  • receive appropriate treatment, nursing care and/or care by following closely the recommendations of the doctor, nurse or midwife;
  • receive information about planned procedures, examinations or operations;
  • make decisions about your treatment and choose between possible medical products and treatment methods as well as to opt out of treatment.

Please note. Health care services will be provided only with your consent. The hospital has the right to ask for your written consent for providing the service. Refusal of health care service will always need to be put down in writing;

  • prohibit information to be shared regarding your admission to the hospital;
  • require that your privacy be respected during medical procedures (third persons are permitted to be present only with your permission or at your request);
  • keep your outerwear and shoes in the hospital’s cloakroom and your money, valuables and documents in the respective department;
  •  use wifi;
  • use your personal clothing during your stay at the hospital;
  • require that daytime and night time regulations be adhered to;
  • receive information from the department staff regarding behaviour in emergency situations (e.g. in case of a water accident, a fire, etc.);
  • have knowledge of meal times and the department’s daily menu;
  • receive lunch on the day of admission to the hospital if you arrive at the department before 9:00. On the day of being discharged from the hospital you will usually only be entitled to a breakfast. The bed will generally be vacated by 12 o’clock on the day of being discharged from the hospital;
  • upon being discharged from the hospital, receive explanations from the doctor providing treatment regarding your future treatment and an epicrisis. Receive counselling, information and, if necessary, written reminders from a nurse or a midwife on how to manage at home.

As a patient you are allowed to:

  • welcome guests at appropriate visiting times. In the interest of your recovery we ask that the number of visitors be reasonable. A nurse’s permission is required for visits to the department’s intensive care rooms and a doctor’s permission is required for visits to the intensive care department. Departments have the right to set up special visiting schedules if needed;
  • eat the food that you have brought with you or that has been brought to you by visitors which you may store in the department’s refrigerator provided that it is marked with your name and the hospital room number;
  • use your personal mobile phone for making calls. The personnel have the right to restrict the usage of mobile phones if necessary;
  • use services in coordination with the options provided for in the department;

We remind visitors of patients addmited into the hospital:

  • please adhere to the visiting hours during workdays from 15:00–19:00 and holidays from 12:00–19:00;
  • we ask that visitors check their outerwear in the cloakroom. The cloakroom closes at the end of visiting hours and the hospital assumes no liability for objects that have been left there after visiting hours are over;
  • we ask that you wash and treat your hands with antiseptic pursuant to the guidelines applicable in the hospital (practical guidelines can be found in each department);
  •  refrain from bringing flowers to the intensive care rooms;
  •  it is not recommended to bring young children to visit patients: the hospital follows hygiene and behavioural regulations that small children struggle to understand and comply with;
  • people in drunken state and under the influence of drug substances are not permitted in the hospital. The hospital personnel have the right to request that any intoxicated visitor leaves the hospital premises immediately.

We ask the patients in the hospital to:

  • keep hospital rooms clean and tidy and behave prudently towards the property of the hospital;
  • keep their mobile phones in silent mode;
  • respect the wishes of other patients in the room and refrain from listening to the radio or television very loudly. Night time quiet hours apply from 23:00 to 06:00;
  • inform the hospital room nurse when you leave the department;
  • behave according to the instructions of the personnel in an emergency;
  •  take your personal belongings with when leaving the hospital. The hospital keeps your clothes and personal belongings for 30 calendar days after your departure from the hospital.

Please note. We remind you that you are responsible for any personal and valuable items you decide not to store with the department during your stay at the hospital;

  • upon leaving the hospital, hand over any property in your use but that belongs to the hospital;
  • pay the in-patient fee.

The following is not permitted in the hospital rooms:

  • consumption and storage of alcohol and narcotics or other intoxicating substances.
  • The hospital has adopted a no-smoking hospital approach, prohibiting smoking in the hospital and on the premises of the hospital.


If you have any problems or questions, do not hesitate to turn to the attending nurse, the nursing director of the department or the doctor providing you with treatment. Any propositions for improving the quality of treatment or other services should be written on the form “Your opinion matters to us”. Please put the opinions sheet into one of the mailboxes that can be found in all departments and foyers. You can also share your feedback through the hospital’s website at


Thank you for your cooperation and we hope you get well soon!

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