Emergency appointments

East-Tallinn Central Hospital Department of Emergency Medicine provides you with inevitable medical care. Inevitable is a medical care where it´s postponement could directly endanger your life or health. Children younger than 15-years old should turn to children´s hospital.

Eye emergencies

Our ophthalmologist will be in your service in case of:

  • an eye injury,
  • an eye injury from corrosive substances,
  • an eye burn,
  • a sudden change in a vision,
  • a sudden change in a vision following an operation (if less than one month from the operation)
  • In case of overload at the Department of General Emergency, you may be referred to Magdaleena´ s Outpatient clinic for more instant care.

Arrival to the centre for emergency medicine

  • You will be called to the registration desk based on your waiting list number to receive emergency care.
  • Please produce an identity document and if required also a document certifying that you are covered by health insurance (e.g. a European health insurance card).

Appointment fee

  • All persons covered by health insurance must pay an appointment fee of €5, except persons under 19 years of age and pregnant women upon presenting a pregnancy card.
  • To patients with no insurance a complex medical care service will be provided. The price for such service is 125 € and will have to be paid as prepayment prior to any medical examination.
  • If the patient only has an assessment by the tirage nurse, they will be charged 25 €.
  • The hospital has the right to refuse to return the appointment fee if the patient leaves the Centre for Emergency Medicine of their own accord before receiving medical care. 

Emergency care 

  • The Centre for Emergency Medicine operates 24 hours a day and provides emergency care in case of acute illnesses and traumas. 
  • According to section 5 of the Health Services Organisation Act, emergency care means health services that are provided in situations where postponement of care or failure to provide care may cause the death or permanent damage to the health of the person requiring care. 
  • If you wish to receive care that is not considered emergency care, you will have to cover the full cost of care. The cost of a particular service is based on the hospital’s price list.
  • Emergency care is provided on an equal basis regardless of whether patients are covered by health insurance. 


Location and Contacts

Department of Emergency Medicine is located at East-Tallinn Central Hospital Ravi unit.

Information about patients at our Department may be recieved by following phone numbers:
reception desk (+372) 620 7040, triage nurse (+372) 620 7942.