New postnatal wards opened at East-Tallinn Central Hospital

21. November 2013

On 18 November newly renovated and contemporarily furnished postnatal wards were opened at the East-Tallinn Central Hospital Women’s Clinic.

The floor opened has 14 family rooms with all amenities and three mother-baby rooms, so all new parents feel comfortable and cosy here and everyone who wants, gets a family room.

“Childbirth is one of the most important events in a person’s life and we will do everything possible in order to make the women giving birth and their families feel at home at our hospital, so they would like to come back here,“ said Dr Lee Tammemäe from the Women’s Clinic of the East-Tallinn Central Hospital.

During the complete renovation of the floor, the needs of the mothers and children were considered as well as the necessities for maintaining the building. Due to the expectations and needs, all rooms include elementary amenities now: a toilet and shower room, adjustable lights, a TV set, a fridge, WiFi and a hair-dryer. All rooms also have a staff emergency call system. Old wiring was replaced and a more modern and economical heating system was developed.

AS Ühisteenused, which is responsible for parking and traffic regulation, supported the East-Tallinn Central Hospital with furnishing the family rooms – they provided all the beds for the new-born children. “Our everyday activity is connected to guaranteeing traffic and parking order. We hope that the baby beds on wheels enable the new citizens of the world to move around more conveniently in the clinic, without having to wake up from their precious sleep. The birth of a child involves great changes for the parents as well as the baby. We wish that the beginning of their new life would be safe,” said the Executive Director of AS Ühisteenused, Hendo Priimägi.
The construction work of postnatal wards lasted for four months. The interior designer of the floor was Ivari Männi. Now families have more amenities and space after childbirth.


The Women’s Clinic at the East Tallinn Central Hospital welcomes all expectant mothers, regardless of where they live. As of October of this year, the East-Tallinn Central Hospital has witnessed the birth of 3,121 children, including 58 pairs of twins and one set of triplets.

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