Maternity Counseling temporarly relocated to Tõnismäe unit, starting from August 1st

31. July 2013

Due to reconstruction works at the facilities of Women`s Clinic, Maternity Counceling will be temporarly operating at the Tõnismäe unit of East-Tallinn Central Hospital. All pregnancy visits will be relocated to Tõnismäe starting from August 1st, 2013. For additional information, please call 1900Tõnismäe unit

  • Expectant mothers who need to undergo glycose tolerance test (GTT), shall turn to blood draw station located at Ravi street 18, room 247 where all needed conditions are provided.
  • Ultrasound pregnancy scans will stay put at Ravi street (rooms RB0015, RB0016 and RB0110).
  • Emergency care for expectant mothers continues as usual in the facilities of Ravi street.

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