Even quicker recovery at the Day Treatment Department of the Eye Clinic

13. October 2014

The Day Treatment Department of the Eye Surgery Centre of East-Tallinn Central Hospital offers patients top-quality day treatment in eye surgery.

Half of all cataract operations in Estonia are performed at the Eye Clinic of the Central Hospital. Demand for day surgery has increased drastically in the last ten years. The number of cataract operations performed at the clinic in 2004 was 3185; so far this year the Health Insurance Fund has covered 6148, meaning that the number of operations has doubled in the last decade.

“The development of eye surgery in terms of cataracts has been impressive in recent years and I’m happy to say the technical side and capability of eye surgeons make it possible to perform more operations as day treatment,” said Dr Artur Klett, Head of the Eye Clinic. “For patients, this means quicker recovery and they return to their usual activities the same evening.”

In addition to being surrounded by excellent personnel, patients also want to feel as comfortable as possible before and after surgery. This is guaranteed in the new and renovated rooms of the Day Treatment Department. The first thing that happens after a patient’s arrival is a consultation. This is followed by tests, the surgery itself and finally monitoring and counselling after surgery. The patient is back home by the end of the day and their recovery continues there.

The eye specialists at our Eye Clinic are constantly furthering their education in the largest European treatment centres and implement the methods they learn to boost the level of treatment we offer. And so that our doctors can fully dedicate themselves to solving problems based on the diagnoses given to patients, our nurses act as advisers and supporters to patients. All of this is done even more effectively in the new Day Treatment Department of the Eye Surgery Centre.