Midwives recommend trusting the professionals

27. October 2014

The midwives at East-Tallinn Central Hospital say that the patients who come to see them display a range of emotions – some are happy and excited, while others feel anxious and worried about expecting a baby.

Pregnant women are often scared and have a lot of questions, so they look at forums for answers. However, midwives say that what is written in forums should not be taken as the truth and that women should place their trust in scientific and academic articles. “Women share a lot of information about their experiences on forums, which is why they tend to compare their own situation to that of others,” said Silja Staalfeldt-Rahumägi, Head Midwife with the Maternity Counselling Unit. “We strongly advise against this, as every woman and every pregnancy is different. You really should place your trust in the professionals.” As midwives are unable to check the information given on forums or to advise everyone who visits them, it always pays to contact a midwife directly if you have any concerns.

Every woman has a midwife to guide them through their pregnancy until childbirth. They should contact the midwives with any concerns and questions – even between appointments, if necessary. “Once a woman has received the support of a midwife, they always come back to us,” says midwife Annika Hommik. “Trust between the patient and the midwife is extremely important,” Staalfeldt-Rahumägi adds, “which is why every woman must find a midwife she trusts.”