Which eye exercises are the best?

3. October 2014

“I can’t promise that doing eye exercises will help people get rid of their glasses, because the need for glasses depends largely on the anatomy of the eye and the person’s age,” said Maarja Villemson, an ophthalmologist at the Eye Clinic of East-Tallinn Central Hospital.

However, exercises can improve vision, because our often overexerted eyes can get some rest during them. Doing the exercises helps restore the film of tears that covers the surface of the eye; metabolism also improves somewhat; and vision, blurred by overexertion, becomes sharper again.

The most important thing is to take a sufficient number of breaks when working with your eyes and to make this a habit.

*It’s good to simply close your eyes for a couple of minutes.

*You can also cover your eyes with the palms of your hands after rubbing your hands against each other to warm them up.

* This exercise improves the ability of the eyes to focus: in turn, look at a nearby object (e.g. a pencil held in front of you at eye level) and then at an object further away (a tree, house etc.).

* Rolling your eyes clockwise and anticlockwise is also a good and easy exercise.

* Looking up and down and left and right in turn whilst keeping your gaze fixed for a couple of seconds in each direction also helps your eyes recover from exertion.


Source: Kodutohter