East-Tallinn Central Hospital keeps up with the latest treatment methods by sharing experiences with colleagues

8. April 2014

The international conference ‘Endovascular Treatment Workshop of Critical Limb Ischaemia’, which was attended by vascular surgeons from all of the Baltic Sea countries, was held in East-Tallinn Central Hospital on 3 & 4 April.

The use of new endovascular treatment methods in the case of critical limb ischaemia was discussed at the conference. Internationally renowned angiography specialist Dr Thomas Fuss from Germany made a presentation at the conference, introduced the experience of developed countries to Estonian and Latvian vascular surgeons and radiologists and performed sample procedures on patients in whom blood supply to the limbs had previously been impossible.

“The broader goal of the conference, in addition to the promotion of new treatment methods, was to encourage specialists from different fields to cooperate more in order to offer each patient the best possible treatment and reduce the number of leg amputations in Estonia,” explained Dr Sulev Margus, the main organiser of the conference.

Thousands of people in Estonia suffer from atherosclerosis. Their awareness of effective treatment methods is low and this is why they do not see a doctor in time. The result of this, says Dr Veronika Palmiste-Kallion, is that 400-500 limbs are amputated in Estonia every year. Losing a limb leads to a significant deterioration in a person’s quality of life and it also has an impact on the person’s loved ones and society as a whole, as the person cannot live their life to the full. They often become incapacitated for work and this can cause many other serious problems.

The main organiser of the conference was cardiologist Dr Sulev Margus, Senior Physician and Head of the Angiography Department of East-Tallinn Central Hospital. The co-organisers were cardiovascular surgeon Dr Veronika Palmiste-Kallion and cardiologist and angiography specialist Dr Kristina Lotamõis.

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