Liverleaf campaign supports the Clinic of Amputation Rehabilitation to be established in East-Tallinn Central Hospital

14. April 2014

The charity campaign ‘We salute you!” that was launched today calls on people to wear a liverleaf badge for the next two weeks to show their support for veterans of the Estonian Defence Forces and Defence League. The donations received during the campaign will be used to fund the purchase of a walking assist device for the Clinic of Medical Rehabilitation of East Tallinn Central Hospital that can be used to help injured veterans. All people in Estonia will be able to use the device in the future.

Wearing the liverleaf badge gives everyone the chance to show that the men and women who have taken part in foreign military missions of the Defence Forces are important to our country and people.

“Our veterans’ society is proud to share this opportunity with the entire nation and thank all of those brave men and women who have fought for Estonia’s security far away from home,” said Gustav Kutsar, Chairman of the Board of the Estonian Injured Servicemen Society and the leader of the campaign. “From today on, everyone in Estonia can buy the liverleaf badge to show their support for veterans and to also make a donation towards the purchasing of the walking assist device needed by injured veterans.”

From today, the handmade badges are being sold in all Selver stores and by the Defence League districts and members of the Women’s Voluntary Defence Organisation at Veterans Day events. The suggested donation for a badge is 2 euros. Every badge is a unique handmade piece made by special needs people all over Estonia with the assistance of the Hea Hoog Foundation.

“The campaign is being carried out with the help of lots of great people and partners,” added Kutsar. “We would like to thank the people who made the badges, the members of the Women’s Voluntary Defence Organisation and all our other partners who’ve helped us with this initiative.”

The charity campaign will last until 27 April. The campaign is being organised on the initiative of the NPO Estonian Injured Servicemen Society, which was established by veterans and organises charity projects, accepts donations and uses the funds to support veterans.

The campaign forms part of preparations for Veterans Day on 23 April, when events in honour of veterans will be organised nationwide and a free concert, ‘Veteran Rock’, will be held on Freedom Square in Tallinn.

Amputation Rehabilitation Centre to be established in Clinic of Medical Rehabilitation

Approximately 10,000 patients visit rehabilitation specialists every year and they are provided with more than 300,000 different procedures and services. Approximately 1200 patients are hospitalised in the Clinic for Medical Rehabilitation every year and this number includes people who need amputations. Approximately 500 limb amputations are carried out in Estonia every year, followed by long and serious treatment involving various specialists. Rehabilitation after amputation also requires specific equipment that has not been available in Estonia until today.

Amputation rehabilitation has been developed since 2008 when East-Tallinn Central Hospital signed a cooperation agreement with the General Staff of the Estonian Defence Forces. The centre with the necessary contemporary equipment and rooms will be completed by July 2014 in cooperation between the Republic of Estonia and the United States of America and with the support of dedicated organisations and individuals.