East-Tallinn Central Hospital honours nursing and care staff

7. May 2014

The hospital has honoured its nursing and care staff as part of celebrations of International Nurses and Midwives Day. The recipient of the Florence Nightingale grant initiated by Vilja Savisaar-Toomast was also announced, for the tenth time – in 2014, the grant goes to Radiology Centre Director of Nursing Taivi Tolli.

The nurses and midwives of East-Tallinn Central Hospital celebrated their day yesterday, 6 May, and the celebrations included honouring the nursing staff of the year as chosen by their colleagues. The hospital management and representatives of professional associations and healthcare colleges greeted them at the meeting.

“The activities of nursing staff have spread considerably in the last decade in terms of the content of work, tasks, scope of responsibility as well as the requirements for nursing staff,” said Director of Nursing and Board Member of East-Tallinn Central Hospital Ülle Rohi. “However, these exciting and often technical new skills should not mean that we forget the main thing that patients expect from nurses – attention and care, which make up the very foundation of patient-oriented nursing.”

This year’s Florence Nightingale grant went to Taivi Tolli, the Director of Nursing at the Radiology Centre, whose contribution to the development of the profession, active participation in various committees and workgroups both in and outside of East-Tallinn Central Hospital have been remarkable. She is emotional and enthusiastic, which makes her a great teacher, and she is excellent at creating the best conditions for learning and staff development.

A total of 72 Nursing and Care Workers of the Year 2014 were announced, nominated for the title by the departments of the seven clinics of East-Tallinn Central Hospital. The special Trainer of the Year 2014 award went to nurse Signe Juhkam for her organisation of training, presentations, seminars and workshops. The title of Traineeship Instructor of the Year 2014 went to nurse Ljudmilla Oja for her development of traineeship opportunities and instruction of trainees.

Kadri Penjam
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