First veterans charity campaign ‘We salute you!’ raises ca 68,000 euros for purchase of walking assist device for Clinic of Medical Rehabilitation of East-Tallinn Central Hospital

5. June 2014

The first veterans charity campaign ‘We salute you!’ held in April this year raised 67,967 euros for the purchasing of a walking assist device for the Clinic of Medical Rehabilitation of East-Tallinn Central Hospital that can be used to help injured veterans. The extraordinarily successful campaign will also allow the clinic to acquire other rehabilitation equipment that will help all patients.

“The success of the campaign shows that supporting our veterans and helping other people who need special care is important to people,” said Gustav Kutsar, Chairman of the Board of the Estonian Injured Servicemen Society and the leader of the campaign. “Once again, we would like to thank everyone who took part and made a donation.”

The campaign was associated with the celebration of Veterans Day and invited people to wear liverleaf badges and make donations for the purchasing of a rehabilitation device needed in the treatment of injured veterans.

The funds raised during the campaign came from sales of ca 34,000 badges and other donations. Selver as a major sponsor donated 7000 euros. The initial goal was to raise at least 60,000 euros, so the extra funds received will allow the Clinic of Medical Rehabilitation of East-Tallinn to purchase additional equipment.

The liverleaf badges, handmade with the assistance of the Hea Hoog Foundation, were sold in all Selver stores and by the Defence League districts and the Women’s Voluntary Defence Organisation all over Estonia.

The campaign was organised on the initiative of the NPO Estonian Injured Servicemen Society, which was established by veterans and organises charity projects, accepts donations and uses the funds to support veterans.

Selver, SEBE, Tallinn Airport, Estonian Air and Swedbank also helped carry out the campaign.

Detailed information:

For further information, please contact:
Gustav Kutsar
Chairman of the Board, Estonian Injured Servicemen Society
Mobile: 527 1594