More babies than usual born in July

15. August 2014

In July, the number of babies born at East-Tallinn Central Hospital, Pelgulinna Maternity Hospital and Tartu University Hospital was higher than in the same period last year , i.e. 962 babies in total.

397 babies were born at East-Tallinn Central Hospital, which is the highest number of births per month this year. 212 were boys and 185 were girls. There were also many twins – 11 pairs, which according to the central hospital is considerably higher than normal. “The birth of twins is double the joy, but also double the responsibility,” said Head Midwife Vivian Arusaar.

When asked whether more twins are being born due to artificial insemination, Arusaar said this was not the case. “I would like to put an end to this myth and misunderstanding that multiple births have something to do with artificial insemination,” said the Head Midwife.

Arusaar added that the trend around the world is to have just one baby born as a result of artificial insemination. “The main reason for this is to prevent the complications associated with multiple births, such as premature birth and treatment of premature new-borns.”

More boys than girls were born in each of the three hospitals. Arusaar said that based on long-term statistics, the number of boys has always been higher over the years and centuries. “People have tried to explain this with the more active and less conservative lifestyle of boys and men,” she said.

The number of babies born at Tartu University Hospital in July was also higher than usual. Senior Midwife Sirje Kõvermägi said that 242 babies were born in the hospital during the month. “If I remember rightly, it broke this year’s record,” she said.

The number of boys born in Tartu was also slightly higher – 123, versus 119 girls. “There were six pairs of twins, which is pretty ordinary,” said the Senior Midwife. “There are usually two or three pairs of course, but this time there were as many as six.”

323 babies were born at Pelgulinna Maternity Hospital last month. 178 were boys and 145 were girls. Head Midwife of the Maternity Unit Liis Jõgis added that four pairs of twins were born during the month, which is the same number as last July.


Source: Postimees