Economic performance of East-Tallinn Central Hospital on the up

28. January 2015

The supervisory board of East-Tallinn Central Hospital met today and reviewed the initial unaudited results of the hospital and acknowledged the management board for its stable performance in the management of the hospital. 

The financial results of the East-Tallinn Central Hospital improved significantly in 2014 when compared to the year before and the year ended with a positive result.

Financial Manager of East-Tallinn Central Hospital Kersti Reinsalu said that recent years have been economically difficult for the hospital, but it has always managed to cope. The supervisory board of the hospital held a meeting today, where it reviewed the hospital’s initial unaudited results for 2014.

“It’s good to admit that 2014 was a successful year for the hospital – we ended it with a positive result of ca. 1.8 million. The total turnover of the hospital in 2014 was 82.2 million euros, which allowed us to adjust the salaries of the people working in the clinical units, make investments to improve treatment conditions and to renew equipment. The good performance of the hospital is a sign that better planning and adherence to agreements makes it possible to achieve our goals if we all work together,” said the Financial Manager.

Reinsalu added that 2015 would be a more complicated year for the hospital, as the volumes of the contracts with the Estonian Health Insurance Fund would not increase and the little extra money the hospital got would be used to comply with the wage agreement made with medical professionals. “I have to admit that waiting lists are still long and we don’t expect them to become shorter this year. However, we will do all we can to improve our cooperation with family doctors to ensure that patients who need treatment urgently can see a specialist sooner.”

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the hospital Taavi Aas recognised the management board of the hospital for its good work and added that the changes made in the hospital had been successful. “The hospital’s management has managed to optimise our investments successfully and to use our resources more efficiently than before.”

Every year, the East-Tallinn Central Hospital has invested in the development of the hospital without receiving any additional funds from the EU structural funds. Improving the working environment in the hospital and providing quality health services to patients remains our priority. Many patients prefer to be treated in the East-Tallinn Central Hospital, which shows us that they trust us and that we’re on the right path.

2363 people worked in the East-Tallinn Central Hospital as of the end of 2014. The number of doctors as of the end of December was 383. Nursing staff formed the biggest group of employees, with 927 people. There were 386 maintenance workers and 667 other support workers.

The East-Tallinn Central Hospital has seven top-level clinics that operate in six different units.

The East-Tallinn Central Hospital will be celebrating its 230th jubilee this year, which is testament to the hospital’s sustainability and consistency.

Yet in 2013 the hospital ended the year with a loss of 2.7 million euros.