Care for your health – check your breasts regularly

30. October 2015

On International Breast Health Day, we invite women to take care of their health.


The Breast Health Clinic at East-Tallinn Central Hospital has been operating since 2012. Each week, 100 women in average make their first visit to ask questions or express concerns about their breasts. This number does not include follow-up visits.


Dr Gabor Szirko, who consults patients at the clinic, refutes the idea that the clinic is only meant for women over 40. He says it offers quick consultations and, if necessary, patients are officially referred for subsequent examinations.

“In Estonia, breast cancer is the most frequent malignant tumour in women,” Dr Szirko said. “Each year, more than 600 women contract breast cancer. It’s not a preventable disease, but if it’s diagnosed at an early stage, modern therapies ensure a good chance of survival.”


All women should check their breasts regularly and be especially mindful after turning 30. After 40, mammograms should be performed every year or two. The breast health clinic also provides help and guidance on checking your breasts at home.


You should come in for a check-up immediately if you have any protuberances, lumps or nodes in your breasts or bloody discharge from your nipples. This may indicate a malignant tumour – in which case the earlier it is dealt with, the greater your chances of recovery.


This week, East-Tallinn Central Hospital celebrates its 230th anniversary. This reflects our persistence and continuity.