Maternity Clinic of East-Tallinn Central Hospital now equipped with 24 postnatal family rooms

11. November 2015

On the fifth floor of the Maternity Clinic at East-Tallinn Central Hospital, the 14 modern family rooms with all amenities and three mother-and-baby rooms have now been joined by comfortable new family rooms where the parents and their baby can recover from childbirth and spend their first few days together.

The new rooms are equipped with all of the amenities necessary for the parents and the baby.
“The most important aspect of childbirth is safety, and we work hard every day to minimise the risks,” said Dr Lee Tammemäe, the Head of the Women’s Clinic. “For families, comfort and privacy are just as important. That’s why I’m glad that we can now offer our patients even more of both!”

The new family rooms were needed because of the number of women giving birth. Naturally, the midwives from East-Tallinn Central Hospital are very happy about these developments. In 2014 they helped deliver 74 pairs of twins from a total 3798 childbirths and 3872 children born.

Vivian Arusaar, the Head Midwife at the clinic, is glad that the clinic is the place of choice for more and more women giving birth, both first-timers and those returning. “We’re so glad that people are coming to us,” she said. “It means we’ve even more reason to be happy that the number of family rooms is bigger than ever – 24 in total. It’s good to know we’re trusted and can offer these wonderful moments to more people than before, and that we have the means to help with childbirth even in more complex situations. We prefer family-centred care which supports closeness between the baby and its parents. In response to the requests of many new parents, we’ve created the possibility for the whole family – including older brothers and sisters – to stay in the new family rooms.”

The Maternity Clinic at the hospital is the oldest of its kind in Estonia providing birthing services – last year in October it celebrated its 210th anniversary. It is a modern and safe clinic that supports natural childbirth and which is highly appreciated among women.