New comfortable transport chairs in Long-Term Nursing Clinic

12. March 2015

The three new and comfortable transport chairs that arrived at the Long-Term Nursing Clinic in the beginning of March replaced the wheelchairs formerly used in the clinic. The chairs came from the United States and this kind of model cannot by found anywhere else in Estonia.

The transport chairs make moving easier for the patients and the staff. What makes the new chairs particularly comfortable is the fact that both the bottom and the back are made of stiff non-slip material, the patient doesn’t slump when sitting in the chair or slide out of it. The manoeuvrability of the chairs is excellent, they are easy to control and ergonomic for both the patients and the staff.

It’s easy to adjust the positions of the arm and foot rests of the chairs and they have convenient foot brakes and safety belts etc.

Director of the Long-Term Nursing Clinic Eva Karmo said that all three chairs have received very positive feedback from the employees and the patients, and they are now actively used.