New Reception Ward completed in Long-Term Nursing Clinic

20. March 2015

The new Reception Ward of the Long-Term Nursing Clinic in the Järve Unit was opened in the end of January. The new ward makes it easier for patients to enter the Clinic. The needs of patients in wheelchairs have also been considered and they can use a ramp to enter the Clinic.

Director of the Long-Term Nursing Clinic Eve Karmo said that everyone at the clinic is very pleased about the new Reception Ward, as it is convenient for the patients and also makes work easier for the staff. The rooms are spacious and light, and they have everything needed to give patients a warm reception. Also, the former reception rooms can now be used for other purposes.

Nurse Tatjana Potapova and carer Jelena Kotova will start working in the Reception Ward. They said that working on the new ward will take some getting used to, as they worked in separate rooms before, but they’re convinced that working together will make reception faster and easier for patients.